New Carden Roofing & Building Works Completed in Perth

Business Owner and expert Roofer James Beattie of New Carden Roofing & Building recently carried out a a full re-roof in Perth that began with a a roof survey followed by the repair work.

As always James listened to the briefing from the client and once everything was agreed he and his roofers got on with the job. And once the roof is replaced your guaranteed his business will leave the house and garden like they were never there.

James Beattie says - the aim when called upon to carry out such works is to be thorough and provide a competitive quote to win the work. We look to ensure that we are providing good communication from start to finish. Be easy to deal with, and do everything that is required and when we go, leave the area very tidy.

During when the roofing work is taking place, customers like to ask questions and New Carden Roofing & Building roofers onsite always try to find the time to answer them for the customer when working away on site.

Whilst based in Fife just off the A92 dual carriageway that links with the M90, means this local roofing company in Fife get to the likes of Perth on time to carry out the roofing services they offer.

Being a local roofing contractor, quotations for most of the roofing services provided are sometimes quoted over the phone, that is because some services customers ask for, have fixed costs for those certain types of roofing or building services.

Apart from doing roof replacements like this job carried out in Perth, other work that James's company can do is gutter cleaning, guttering repairs and replacement, roof survey inspections and chimney stack repairs.

There are going to be some circumstances when New Carden Roofing & Building will need to attend a visit to your property to carry out a site survey again this is a free service.

We will provide customers who engage us as their preferred local roofing contractors to offer written quotations which we provide free of charge.

Once roof repairs have been completed by us, we are more and more taking photographs of the work undertaken and sharing them here on our website. With more and more people tending to look for their service needs online it is important to share with you our past experiences such as showcasing this replacement roof in Perthshire. This surely shouldn’t be remarkable, yet it is as we keep a close eye on our competitors!  Countless 'flyers' may pop through the letter box adverting roof repairs and that is still a traditional form of advertising roofing services but we hope that our satisfied customers who return for repeat business with us, will get an insight into all the different roofing repairs we do along with our roughcasting services that are also on offer.

So on this occasion after our roof replacement in Perth was completed we know that is the only time our customers then pray for some rain. Why? Because quite rightly they want to know we have done some excellent roofing work and its not going to leak! Having the heavens open up is the test that the roof has to pass first time once our guys are finished.

If you are looking for any of the roofing services, guttering repairs or roughcasting work we offer then get in touch. We should answer the phone fairly swiftly if we don't happen to pick up the phone right away it’s only because the nature of our work as that we are high up on a ladder or a roof top somewhere dealing with another satisfied customer.

How much to reroof my house?

Until New Carden Roofing & Building owner James Beattie chats with you direct there is no fixed price answer to this question.

But what we can tell you is this, we tend to keep an eye on the UK market as to the likely average roof replacement cost that can be expected from Roofers in the UK which is approximately £5500.

Re-roofing is the process of totally renewing the roof on your home so removing the old roof completely and this may include upgrading the support structures. This is not the same as re-tiling a roof which is generally a less major project and cheaper too.

The cost of a roof replacement hiring the services of New Carden Roofing & Building will depend on the size of your roof and the location of your property from where we are based in Fife.

How long will it take to reroof a house

There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to determining the length of time it'll take our company to replace your roof.

Can I save money on Roof Repair Work?

The first step is you have just found Your Local Rendering Expert and by reading this helpful informational blog. The next step is to call us and speak with James Beattie to get a quote.

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