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Chimney Removal Work by New Carden Roofing and Building in Fife

When you’ve got a big decision to make that involves like whether or not to remove your chimney — there’s a lot to think about it. Are you going to be rebuilding your chimney? What’s the process like to remove the chimney you have? What should you expect to pay? What are the things you need to consider but haven’t, since you’ve never been through this experience before?

As you prepare to get in touch with New Carden Roofing and Building expert James Beattie, lets cover some of the things you will need to consider:

Chimney Removal What You Should Know?

When it comes to removing the chimney is it going to affect the structural integrity of your building, or maybe the one adjacent to it or surrounding it?

There is going to be a need to seal up that space and make it weathertight.

Are there any other appliances in your chimney that you are not thinking of that will still need ventilation, maybe in another location through another system after the finishing process of removing you chimney?

That chimney was more than just an accessory. So there are decisions to be made before you just go ahead and ask for chimney removal work to be done. By getting in touch with us, we are chimney removal experts and can help provide the answers to your questions.

What will you be expected to pay for your Chimney Removal?

You can guess the answer here - the cost can vary greatly for chimney removal. Why? It depends on the scope of the work.

Let us look at what we can be faced with when you visit to give you a quote.

Does your chimney run up the side of the building or does it come up through the centre of the roof?

What’s the height and width of the chimney?

Such factors will affect the price, but the biggest cost is going to be in the demolition, haul away, and dumping fees.

Are You Rebuilding Your Chimney?

If rebuilding your chimney you also need to factor in those costs. Your chimney rebuild cost will vary depending on things like the location of the chimney, how many flues it will need, and the height and width of the new chimney.

The Cost Breakdown

Take an example of a typical two storey home that is maybe 2500-3000 square feet. What you can expect to pay starts from around £450 to remove your chimney and do what is needed to make your roof watertight. If you add rebuild costs on top of that, you are probably going to be looking at - depending also where you are in the location radius we cover, anywhere from £450

Why Do Our Customers Tend to Remove their Chimney?

In most cases it because their chimney has become neglected for so long and it is going to take much more to fix it. And so it is seen as being more cost effective to take it down, and either then rebuild and replace with a more modern chimney or simply close up the hole in the roof.

New Carden Roofing & Building Chimney Removal Process

As your local reputable chimney removal roofing company in Fife, our first step will be to conduct a site survey. During this first step we will assess the scope of the work and consider things like:

Is their sufficient Access for the Removal Process?

Tell you what the requirements are for hauling the chimney away. Whether there will be a need for a skip to be on site for the job, and if so, are there any local restrictions that prohibit that? (If a skip is needed but is prohibited, we will need to have a truck to be on site all day.)

What is the access like as far as getting those chimney materials from the roof itself to where the skip or truck might reach? Is the land flat and will the materials be able to be walked to the skip or truck, or is machinery — like a Bobcat or a motorized wheelbarrow going to be needed?

Can the dump truck or site skip be right next to the chimney area for easy loading and removal of the materials?

Will any of the grounds be disturbed and will there be a problem with soil runoff if it rains in the middle of the project?

Is any kind of fencing needed for pedestrian control?

This site survey will help us determine costs involved, as well as a timeframe for removal. From there, we should be able to give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay and when you can expect the chimney removal work to commence and be completed by.

Can You Remain in Your Home during the Chimney Removal?

You can continue living in your home during the chimney removal process. If your chimney is on the exterior of your home, it’s not technically part of the home. Instead it is adjacent to or up as close to the home as it can be. So, we can typically remove the outside of the chimney without opening up the inside of the home or exposing it to the weather elements. This means you can stay comfortably at home during the process.

If the chimney removal does open up the home, as long as that opening is properly sealed, you should be able to remain comfortably at home.

When is the Best Time of the Year to have Chimney Removal work done?

The best time to remove your chimney would be during the spring. Although knowing how the weather can be in Scotland at this time of year, the best window of opportunity will be from March until the end of May is probably the best time. The weather conditions in Scotland around then is pretty favourable for the job — not terribly cold and not terribly hot.

Chimney Removal Work by New Carden Roofing and Building in Fife
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Chimney Removal Work by New Carden Roofing and Building in Fife
When you’ve got a big decision to make that involves like whether or not to remove your chimney
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