Lime Pointing Specialists New Carden Roofing and Building

Is your property showing evidence of loose, cracked or crumbling mortar joints?

New Carden Roofing and Building offer an expert service in undertaking lime mortar brick repointing. Pointing itself is the mortar joints that hold your bricks, and repointing is the careful process of removing the front of these joints and replacing the mortar inside them.

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Chimney Removal Work by New Carden Roofing and Building in Fife

When you’ve got a big decision to make that involves like whether or not to remove your chimney — there’s a lot to think about it. Are you going to be rebuilding your chimney? What’s the process like to remove the chimney you have? What should you expect to pay?

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Roughcast & Rendering External House Walls

When the call comes in to New Carden Roofing and Building about an external wall job on a house, the common issue being repaired is cracking. Hairline cracks in the wall surface, and these become invaded by rain and more when Scotland's winters arrive.

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New Carden Roofing & Building Works Completed in Perth

Business Owner and expert Roofer James Beattie of New Carden Roofing & Building recently carried out a a full re-roof in Perth that began with a a roof survey followed by the repair work.As always James listened to the briefing from the client and once everything was agreed he and his roofers got on with the job. And once the roof is replaced your guaranteed his business will leave the house and garden like they were never there.

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Old Asbestos Tiles Removed and Replaced by New Carden Roofing and Building

One of the widest uses of asbestos in the building industry was in roofing. In their undamaged state asbestos tiles are no risk. But when you realise your asbestos roofing tiles have seriously deteriorated after many years of protecting your home, then its time to get roofing professionals in to safely remove your asbestos roof tiles and have them provide replacement roofing. That is exactly the steps taken by this resident in Dunshalt Fife who got in contact with New Carden Roofing and Building based in Cardenden Fife.

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