Local Roofers in Fife

New Carden Roofing is renowned for employing the best roofers in Fife.

Throughout our history, we’ve helped customers in Fife and Perth with everything from emergency roof repairs to gorgeous new flat roof installations. So it’s safe to say that roofers in Fife are doing a whole lot more than fixing leaks.

Flat Roof Repairs in Fife

The best roofers in Fife will share that versatile approach, capable of reacting to any emergency that you present them with. Our view has been that the customer should always come first, so our roofers will strive to provide you with the highest level of quality, with no excuses.

If you’re in the middle of a search for a capable, trusted roofer in Fife – look no further than New Carden Roofing.

Experienced flat roof company

As versatile as our range of services is, one of our specialist areas is the installation of new flat roofs.

When the time comes for you to choose a suitable flat roof company, first consider the type of roof that you’re looking to install. As the exterior design of a property is more important than ever, installing the right flat roof won’t simply offer you protection, but can increase the value of your property.

Chief amongst these options is the EPDM rubber roof. Offering customers the elusive combination of durability and flexibility, EPDM rubber roofs actually expand and contract to protect your property from temperature and structural shifts. As a leading flat roof company in Fife, the experts at New Carden Roofing are busy installing these roofs every week.

It’s this experience that sets us apart from the competition. It’s a level of experience that informs everything that we do, from the standards we hold ourselves to, all the way through to the quotes that we offer. When you place a call to New Carden Roofing, our professionalism will soon become evident, proof that you’ve chosen the right flat roof company in Fife.

Roofing contractors in Edinburgh

It’s not only our work in Fife that we’re famous for – with New Carden Roofing also being one of the best roofing contractors in Edinburgh.

From our base in Fife, we can reach the city of Edinburgh with ease. If there are roofs to repair and install then you can count us in!

Like Fife, Edinburgh also gets its fair share of the unpredictable Scottish weather. When there’s rain, wind, hail and storms – there will be plenty of demand for roofing contractors in Edinburgh. Whether you need slate roofs, tiled roofs or chimney repairs – our roofing experts have got you covered.

To us, whether you need roofing contractors in Edinburgh, Fife or Perth, there’s nothing more satisfying than providing a great roofing service for our customers.

Builders in Fife

While that takes care of our roofing expertise, we’re equally adept at building projects.

If you’ve been in the local market for builders in Fife, you’ll know just how wide ranging that building services can be. Our builders in Fife & Perth are just as versatile, capable of handling the likes of repointing, rendering and chimney repairs – to name but a few of our building services.

In fact, our builders in Fife are so versatile that they can tackle other areas of your property, including driveways, garages and garden walls. All of our building work is completed to the highest standard, with our builders possessing all of the required certifications to do the job.

Speak to our local roofers in Fife today on 01259 672864, or send us an email.

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